Review presentations to wrap up the year

Throughout the semester, I have had my students create review presentations for each unit. They present just before the unit test as a formative presentation, then again at the end of the unit as a summative presentation. This has among many advantages the benefit of planning out Review Week for me — as a student-run affair.

We wrapped up these presentations in all my classes last week, in preparation for exams which start today. I was tremendously proud of my students as they managed to put together excellent presentations, with mix-and-match groups, and while studying for four or five other finals.

MATH UNIT 10A good example of the presentations comes from my Grade 9 Period 3 class, whose unit 10 presentation (names withheld) was excellent. You can see the whole presentation as a PDF: Review Presentation.

Obviously, the slides alone do not convey the whole presentation, but they give an idea. The presentations were done on the SmartBoard so the team could write directly onto the slides. Team members collaborated through Google Docs to work on their presentation form wherever they were.