Jamming at ASOMEX

I don’t usually post pictures or video of students, but these guys (Edgar on ukelele and Mau looking on) gave their permission. The jam took place at the Ambassadors booth at ASOMEX (a soccer tournament our school hosted) when tapioca…

Student Learning Reflection

This post is a reflection on my strategies for student learning (Domain 5) for the American School Foundation of Monterrey Track 1 project. This has been my most difficult reflection to write, and I admit that when I first perused at the reflection questions (on student work data, self and peer assessment, life-long learning skills, and values education) my reaction was that I don’t do those things–there’s no time in a math classroom! However, after a couple days of reflection and a dig through my files for the year, I in fact have used strategies such as self-assessment and modeling life-long learning skills.