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Supporting school procedures and policies, communicating with students, parents, teachers and administration, contributing to school initiatives and culture, developing professionally, using technology in teaching.

Professional Responsibilities Reflection

This post is a reflection on my strategies for communication and professional responsibilities (Domain 6) for the American School Foundation of Monterrey Track 1 project. The reflection questions for the domain of communication and professional responsibilities are varied but can be categorized into three topics: demonstrating professionalism, contributing to the school, and developing as a professional. I believe that I meet the ASFM standards in all three areas.

Semester 2 Management Plan

Semester 2 Management Plan A couple days ago I sat down with our instructional coach, Mel, to update my classroom management plan for the start of Semester 2. I am aiming to improve my...

Diagnostic exams and data analysis

One of the neat things my new math department does is annual diagnostic exams. We administer a standard diagnostic to each student in the same course to determine their strengths and weaknesses and to...