Neil Hilborn and My Town

Yesterday night, poet Neil Hilborn visited ASFM for a poetry workshop with our students and an extraordinary performance in our Black Box theatre. I was lucky enough to catch the show, and it seemed like an amazing experience for the students involved.

In the highlight of the evening, Neil had four students come up on stage for a group performance of a poem they had co-written. He introduces it better than I could, so just watch it:

In my opinion, some of the best poetry is provocative and speaks perhaps uncomfortable truths, but delivers these in a way that requires re-evaluation on the part of the viewer. This poem delivers in a big way, and I give huge props to the students for their artistry, their perceptiveness and of course their bravery.

Update: Mila Mendez, the amazing English teacher who put together the event with her students, has photos on her blog. Check them out!