Between the (Google) Sheets

I’m running a workshop on Google Sheets at the Live Curious, Go Beyond conference taking place at ASFM tomorrow and Saturday (Feb 19-20, 2016). This is a resource page for workshop attendees or anyone else interested in what I get up to between the (Google) Sheets.

Demo Sheets

Deal or no Deal Expected Value – simple example for class demo with formula
Gene Generator – another simple example with random generation
Stats 12 Baseball Lab – more in-depth example to get students using real data
Schedule Survey Data – a student surveying project which turned into this visualization and a probability lab
Student feedback Google form (remind me to show this since I can’t put the link up publicly).

Practice Sheets

Collaborative Google Sheet (sorry, no longer editable or viewable outside ASFM)

Potential Topics

I’ll mainly be investigating whatever the workshop audience wants to learn about! Here are a few technical aspects of Sheets that I’d be happy to discuss:

  • formulas
  • graphing
  • conditional formatting
  • filters
  • sorting

Of course, I also hope for an engaging discussion on the pedagogical uses of Google Sheets and spreadsheets in general. I’m sure the people attending my workshop will bring some great ideas!