From Korea With Love

Korea 034While teaching in Korea, I kept a blog called From Korea With Love. This was a wide-ranging personal blog where I reflected on life in a strange new part of the world, my experiences teaching, and the various things I had read or seen that occupied my head. You are welcome to read the blog at the link above, though many of the photos are no longer working as I have relocated my photos online.

What did I take from my time in Korea, other than an enduring love of Korean cuisine? I summarized in my last blog post:

In retrospect, I suppose after all that Korea has taught me about myself. I know that I can take on the challenge of living in a new culture with different language, customs, food and values, and make an enjoyable life for myself there. I know that I love teaching and will be pursuing that profession in the medium term. I know that I will take certain things with me–volleyball and debate, for example–no matter where I live.

Near the end of my time in Korea, I consolidated the blog into a book for family and friends, and self-published this book through the online publisher Blurb. I have included a small preview below.