Individualizing my teaching through “Success for All”

I recently completed an assignment called “Success for All” in my third field experience. The assignment was to choose one student from our classes who was on the tipping point between success and failure, and to take note of what we were doing–or could be doing–to help that student succeed. However, as this was intended to be replicable with all our students, our efforts could not involve extra tutoring.

I picked a student, who I will call “Stu”, and found that I was indeed doing a lot to help him out. You can read the details below and view samples of Stu’s work.

Document Description
Success for All writeup A description of Stu, my interventions and the results
Stu’s first two tests Stu’s early class results, pre-intervention
Lesson and notes comparison sample My preparation and Stu’s notes from a class on the zero product principle
Notes and HW sample Another sample of Stu’s notes from a class on quadratics
Triangular numbers problem Stu’s solution to a class challenge problem
Stu’s third test Stu’s post-intervention test results

I was happy to conclude by the end of the three months that:

Overall, I am now confident that Stu will succeed in mathematics this year. While he continues to have areas to work on as noted above, I am impressed with his attitude, evident interest in mathematics and desire to learn.