Here are a few things that people have said about me. If you are interested in hiring me and would like professional references, please contact me.

From my supervisor at the IDEA debate and media camps in Thailand and Latvia:

Stephen met all our expectations and more.

I see Stephen as someone who is able to relate to almost everyone regardless of nationality, personality and age. At the same time, he possesses managerial skills where he is able to lead teams, bring out the best in team members, nurture his sub-ordinates’ personal development and do all this with a smile. So much potential in one so young. He is a highly capable person who can take on challenges and produce results. And he will always be someone I would want to work with.

From my supervisor with Shad Valley Queen’s:

One of the things that impressed me most about Stephen was his ability to build relationships with the students in his care. From the moment the students arrived on campus, Stephen embraced their individuality and worked to learn more about their interests, goals and talents. Stephen also took great pride in capitalizing on “teachable moments” when something happened that created an opportunity for students to think critically about the world around them. I believe that Stephen’s ability to empower and nurture the students’ integrity, confidence, compassion and leadership was because he himself possesses these traits.

From my cooperating teacher at a McGill Education field experience:

Stephen began his practicum by learning the names of all the students in my five classes. He did this even though he was to teach only three of these groups. He made a point of always greeting the students in a positive way when they entered class and took the time to solicit responses from them.

Drawing on his experience of teaching in Korea, Stephen had a great deal of success with our class of international students from China. Though these students have very little English, Stephen was able to place them in working pairs where they are learning both mathematics and English.

One of our math competencies involves having students solve situational problems. Not only are these complex, open ended problems difficult for the students, but they are very challenging to create and equally challenging to evaluate. Stephen accepted the challenge and created and implemented a two-day situational problem that incorporated several mathematical concepts. We were both pleasantly surprised to see how his problem appealed to the group, especially to some of our less motivated students. He also designed the problem with two evaluation schemes in mind so that the results could be used for both the QEP evaluation system and the International Baccalaureate system.

I can’t say enough about how Stephen’s positive attitude and cheerfulness have influenced our classroom. He is friendly and caring but still the adult in charge. He has a genuine interest in people and a genuine willingness to give of his time. It is clear that he has earned our students’ trust and respect.